Trauma Nurse

Job Description for Trauma Nurses
Trauma nurses have one of the most important jobs in the medical field. They see patients who have been severely hurt in automobile accidents, gunshot wounds, or other events. Trauma nurses need to be fast paced people who can multi-task under pressure. The life of a patient lies in what the nurse does along with the doctor. The trauma nurse will take blood pressures, start I.V.s, and making sure that the doctor has everything he needs in order to help the patient. The nurse will need to be able to communicate with a variety of people and have a caring disposition.

Education and Certification Requirements
In order to be a trauma nurse, all that is really needed is an Associate’s degree in nursing. Then, if the nurse chooses to, they can go back to school and get their Bachelor’s degree. There are also specialized classes that hospitals and colleges offer for those who want to learn more about being a trauma nurse. Those who want to be a trauma nurse should be adept in the field of nursing and have months or even years of experience as a nurse in order to deal with the fast pace of the career. A language course is also a good idea to take.

Where to Work
The majority of trauma nurses will work in a hospital emergency room. Some trauma nurses work as flight nurses because of the overlapping work that is done. Trauma nurses can also work in nursing facilities that have patients who need immediate medical care. The day of a trauma nurse varies. One day the nurse can be busy from the minute they walk into work until they leave to go home. Other days, the trauma nurse may only see a few patients. Each patient will be different and will be a learning experience for the nurse.

Trauma nurses can expect to make more than regular nurses by about $10,000. Trauma nurses make close to $57,000 a year. The amount you make will depend on how long you have been in the field and where you are working.

Job Outlook
People are hurt every day, especially in some of the larger cities. If a nurse can find a position in these larger cities like New York and San Francisco, then the career outlook looks promising. Most cities in almost every state are always looking for qualified trauma nurses.

Similar Careers
Nurses who perform similar duties include flight nurses and emergency room nurses.


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