Radiology Nurse

Job Description
A radiology nurse is one who works in the radiology department of a medical facility. Radiology nurses are trained to assist a certified radiologist when a patient is undergoing therapy. Additionally, a radiology nurse is allowed to discuss findings and other health matters in relation to patient cases. Also, radiology nurses will often care for patients who have received radiation treatments.

Required Education
A radiology nurse must obtain a degree that allows them to be registered nurse, “RN”. In addition, radiology nurses are required to take classes that pertain to radiology alongside the classes they must take in order to become a RN. In most cases, a radiology nurse is also required to have technical training in order to assist in handling radiology equipment. Other certifications required for a radiologist include: basic cardiac life support, advance cardiac life support, and pediatric advance cardiac life support. Some institutions may also require that an individual have a certain amount of experience in an intensive care or emergency department of a hospital.

Work Environment
Normally, radiology nurses can find jobs at most hospitals that have a radiology department. A typical day of a radiology nurse could range from assisting a radiologist in administering treatments, assisting with IV dye administrations, rectal contrasting agents, and other sedation methods for patients. Radiology nurses would also be responsible for putting radiation patients at ease before and after receiving treatment.

Average Salary
A radiology nurse receives an average salary of $60,000 per year, although salaries can range from $41,000 to $80,000 depending on experience, benefits, industry, and location.

Job Outlook
Although the weak economy is causing high unemployment rates, the health care industry is still going strong. The demand for all types of nurses, including radiology nurses, is high. The future of radiology nurses is positive. Those pursuing radiology nursing can look forward to a secure job with many chances for career advancements.

This career is similar to many other in the health care field that require nurses to specialize in a certain field. Other examples of a specialized nurse include: holistic nursing, cardiac care nursing, medical-surgical nursing, and numerous other department specific nursing positions.

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