Operating Room Nurse

Operating Room NurseAn operating room nurse, which is also referred to as a surgical nurse, is a nursing professional that specializes in maintaining and monitoring patients that are going through a surgical procedure. They are responsible for assisting surgeons with various tasks during a surgery and will also be required to maintain the surgical center during the surgery. Due to the complexities and intensity of surgeries, this type of nursing can be more stressful than other kinds.

To become an operating room nurse, you will first need to obtain the necessary education. Depending on where you live and want to work, there will be various options for obtaining the necessary education. Many junior colleges offer programs which will provide you with the education necessary in just two years. Local hospitals at times will offer programs that can give you on the job training and the necessary education in a three year program. However, if you wish to eventually pursue a high level of education, you will want to go to a four-year college which can provide you with a bachelor’s degree. After you have completed your education, you will need to pass NCLEX-RN exam in order to be qualified as a registered nurse.

Places to Work
Similar to other nursing jobs, there will continuously be a demand for operating room nurses in hospitals across the country. Any hospital which performs surgeries will need to have nurses to manage and monitor patients and keep the operating room organized. To obtain the best overall experience, you should look for a hospital or private practice that performs a wide variety of procedures.

Average Salary
Operating room nurses tend to earn more money on average than a typical nurse. The typical operating room nurse will earn about $70,000 per year, with most earning between $60,000 and $80,000 per year. Compensation varies based on your level of experience and where you work. If you eventually work in a major hospital and earn a leadership or managerial position, you could easily earn over $100,000 per year.

Job Outlook
The job outlook for operating room nurses, and all other forms of nurses is positive. Healthcare regulations are frequently adjusted and they generally end up requiring higher levels of nurses in hospitals. This, coupled with the aging and growing population, will lead to an increased demand for surgeries, which in turn will lead to an increased demand for operating room nurses.

Similar Types of Nurses
Since operating room nurses are in higher stress environments than other types of nurses, there are not many types of nurses that are exactly the same. The closest would be an emergency room nurse, who is responsible for monitoring patients who enter the emergency room of a hospital.