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Nurse ResearcherSome nurses expand their skills, education and duties in healthcare by working in specialty areas. Nurses who use scientific methods to improve, treat and evaluate health conditions are called nurse researchers. In order to become a nurse researcher, this professional undertakes extensive training in an accredited nursing college or university.

Job Description
A nurse researcher’s job description goes beyond traditional nursing. Advanced nurses conduct research by collecting medical information. They use this information to create and find solutions to complex health problems. These solutions often require special research grants provided by private and governmental entities. After obtaining grants, nurse researcher compile reports that contain all of the information they find.

Educational Requirements
Since they practice advanced nursing, researchers begin their career as registered nurses and then pursue higher learning. They typically have a four-year master’s degree followed by a doctorate degree, which most states require advanced nurses to possess. Advanced nurses obtain certification through a number of accreditation boards. These include the Society of Research Associates and the National Institute of Nursing Research.

School academic and clinical studies include extensive scientific research studies, problem solving skills and advanced medical terminology. Other curriculum involves statistics, informatics and ethics. A nurse who performs these studies must also have a love for science.

Work Environments
Work environments include conducting studies in research facilities, hospitals and laboratories. Most nurse researchers work in nutrition, pain management and pharmaceuticals. Some work as instructors in classroom settings. A good number of researchers publish journals and health reports on the data they gather.

All of the studies performed have great significance in health. Studies help cancer, organ transplant and many other patients. A typical day may include speaking with other healthcare workers and patients to get the information they need for research. Although the job is repetitious at times, the end results are of great importance to a nurse’s research.

Salary Expectations
Although nursing experience greatly influences the salary of nurse researchers, most professionals start off around $66,000 a year; however, some command as high as $95,000. They may bring in more income by creating books, speaking in public and teaching.

Job Outlook
As advanced practitioners, the future outlook for research nursing is excellent for registered nurses seeking higher skills and education.

Similar Nurse Professions
Other types of nurses who complete research and studies are nurse educators, clinical nurse specialists and occupational health nurses.

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