Dermatology Lab Nurse

Job Description for a Dermatology Nurse

A nurse who specializes in dermatology treats patients with disorders of the skin such as acne, eczema, rosacea and cancer. This specialty nurse provides patients with care concerning conditions and diseases of the skin. A nurse in this field of specialty can assist with surgery, screen the skin for cancer, conduct research and perform procedures such as chemical peels, biopsies and microdermabrasion. Regardless of specialization, nurses treat, educate and provide support to patients.

Education or Certification Necessary for a Dermatology Nurse

It is a prerequisite for dermatology nurses to complete education requirements to become an RN before choosing a specialization. Education requirements for an RN include a 4-year degree from an accredited college or university. After earning, an RN degree one must successfully apply and pass a National Licensing Examination to become a licensed nurse. Dermatology nurses may pursue certification. To earn a certification in dermatology requires the following to become eligible to take the exam, an RN degree, two years minimum of working in a dermatological environment and 2,000 hours of dermatology clinical experience. Successfully passing the examination allows a nurse to be a DNC. After initial certification, it is required to earn a certain set number of continuing education hours to renew and keep the certification. Certification may not be required, but it can increase employment opportunities.

Places a Dermatology Nurse Work

A career in dermatology nursing provides opportunities to work at a dermatology office, cosmetic surgery office or clinic, medical facility that specializes in skin disorders and medical spas. The vast majority of dermatology nurses work in private doctors offices with dermatologists or plastic surgeons. The nurses who work with plastic surgeons usually assist with surgical and non-surgical procedures for cosmetic issues or injuries. Nurses are normally responsible for recording medical histories and symptoms. In a typical day, a nurse may perform diagnostic tests, analyze results, operate machinery, administer treatments, and medicine under the supervision of a doctor. A dermatology nurse’s day usually will consist of a supporting position working alongside of a dermatologist or skin care specialist.

Average Salary for a Dermatology Nurse

The average salary for a dermatology nurse depends on various factors such as education and experience. In addition, other factors regarding salary are the geographic location and facility type. In general, the medium annual salary for a RN was $62,400 in 2008.

Job Outlook

The field of dermatology is extremely diverse. Nurses who concentrate in this field have a variety of employment conditions and settings. According to the United States Department of Labor, the job outlook for registered nurses through 2016 is excellent regardless of their specialization. Overall job opportunities are excellent. Steady employment in outpatient centers and doctors offices is increasing.

Similar Types of Nurses

Because of the vast amount of specialties for Registered Nurses and the variety of responsibilities, many healthcare occupations are similar. Similar types of nurses are emergency room nurse, ambulatory care nurse and wound care nurse.


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