Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) jobs play a vital role in the medical field. Working as a CNA can be a very demanding but a very rewarding profession. The CNA has a variety of places to work in their chosen field.

General Description Of The Job:
Work performed by a CNA can vary widely depending on where they work. A CNA will perform duties revolving around personal needs, dressing, bathing, and feeding. Helping a patient in and out of bed and taking vital signs are a daily requirement. Changing bedding and helping with minor medical issues are all a role for the CNA. Certified Nursing Assistant’s perform any task the the nursing staff does not have time to accomplish.

Education Or Certification Necessary:
The education requirements for a CNA position vary a little from state to state but all states require a few general things. A CNA must have a high school diploma or GED. A certified training program must be completed. Training programs vary in length from six to 12 weeks. A certification exam must be taken after completion of training. Passing the state certification test allows the CNA to begin working.

Different Places A CNA Can Work:
Certified Nursing Assistant are able to work in a number of places. Hospitals and nursing homes always have an acute need for the CNA. Hospice and private in-home care work is a viable option. CNA’s are able to employed by doctor’s offices and clinics.

Average Salary:
CNA pay varies widely depending on what region of the country the job is located. Pay averages around twelve dollars per hour, with higher rates of pay on each coast. CNA’s are able to receive more pay by working overnight hours or weekends. Health benefits are available to the large majority of CNA’s.

Job Outlook For A Certified Nursing Assistant:
The job possibilities are seemingly endless for a good CNA. This is an ever expanding field with the aging population of the US, so a CNA position is virtually recession proof. The government projects the CNA job field will grow 19 percent by 2018.

Other Similar Types Of Nurses:
There are a few similar fields of work that are much like the CNA field. Medication aides receive certification in dispensing medications to patients. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is a nursing job that requires a one year degree from a college. Medical Assistants is a closely related field of work with slightly better pay than the CNA receives.