Top LPN Programs in South Carolina

Last Updated/Verified: September 15th, 2023

Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse in South Carolina is an excellent way to enter the nursing field.

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If you don’t have 4 years of education, LPN training will allow you to work anywhere in this state with flexible hours and high demand with only 1-2 years of training.

LPN’s in South Carolina Quick Facts

  • LPN school typically takes 12 to 18 months to complete.
  • LPNs in South Carolina earn an average of $24.33/hr and an annual income of $43,680.
  • The number of LPN jobs will increase by 9% by the year 2028.
  • There are 18.2% LPNs in the nursing industry in South Carolina.
  • The top-paying company in South Carolina for LPNs is Octapharma, which pays LPNs an average of $163,229 per year.

Nursing is a rewarding profession. You can make incredible life-saving contributions to your community, and you’ll be well compensated for it! In South Carolina alone there are three major cities that offer the most options for LPN schools: Charleston, Greenville, and Columbia.

Overview of LPN Schools in South Carolina

What’s the best school for you? Choosing an accredited school can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are 16 schools in South Carolina that offer accredited programs; they vary from small community colleges to private institutions with great reputations.

LPN programs cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Medical Calculations
  • Maternal, Infant, and Child Nursing
  • Anatomy & Physiology

LPN Accreditation

Nursing programs are an intense journey for anyone, but it’s important to choose the right one so you can be successful. When choosing a program, make sure that your school is accredited by state regulatory agencies like the South Carolina Board of Nursing and nationally through ACEN. Accredited schools will give you the highest level of education since they must meet certain requirements in order to maintain their status.

LPN Admissions Requirements

When considering a career in the nursing field, you have to know what your options are and which programs will be best for you. It is important to research individual university sites that show their program requirements because every institution has different minimums when it comes down to entry eligibility. However, nearly all schools require at least:

  • The ACT or equivalent
  • Minimum high school 2.5 GPA
  • Completion of all prerequisites
  • Application to the school and application fee

LPN Tuition & Costs

Nursing school is a great option for anyone looking to enter the healthcare field. Tuition can vary depending on location and type of program, so make sure you’re prepared with all your information before making any decisions. For example, at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College tuition per semester equals $3,000 and other fees may apply like registration fees — be ready for that too.

If the tuition costs scare you, take comfort in the fact that many colleges offer financial aid options and scholarship opportunities for students who worry about being able to afford tuition.

LPN Licensing Requirements in South Carolina

Working as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the state of South Carolina is challenging but also rewarding. To work as one, you must complete an approved nursing program and pass your NCLEX-PN exam.

Checklist to Become a South Carolina LPN:

  • Qualify for an LPN degree from a recognized college
  • Apply for licensure
  • Passing the NCLEX-PN exam

All South Carolina LPN licenses expire on April 30th every two years and will need a minimum of 30 contact hours to sustain validity. Be sure to check the state board for any updates related to nursing license renewals.


Once you have graduated from the South Carolina LPN program, make sure to pass the NCLEX-PN exam to officially gain licensure as an LPN. Additionally, try taking the practice exam a few times before going in for the real thing so you can ace the test on the first try.

LPN Reciprocity

In a recent move, South Carolina has joined the Nurse Licensure Compact. This means that nurses are able to practice in other member states without having to obtain additional licenses, which is great for those who want to move elsewhere in the future. However, nurses from a state not part of the NLC looking to come and work here must apply for an endorsement license before they can start working in South Carolina.

LPN Salaries in South Carolina

South Carolina LPNs earn an average of $24.33/hour and have a median salary of $43,680, which is lower than the national average by 11%.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), here is a list of annual salaries for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) living and working in South Carolina’s major metropolitan areas:

  • Lexington, SC: $47,205
  • Charleston, SC: $46,293
  • Columbia, SC: $44,594
  • Greenville, SC: $44,504
  • Myrtle Beach, SC: $44,143

Nurses have different choices in where they work. Choosing whether you work in a hospital or in a clinic will determine how much money you’ll make. On average, nurses working in hospitals will earn more than those working in clinics.

Job Outlook for LPNs in South Carolina

Though the demand for nurses is high in the United States, the nurse population is slowly declining. This is due to many nurses retiring, and with the rise of patients seeking more help from healthcare providers, the need for nurses is rising. LPNs provide an answer to this predicament so they can do many of the same tasks as RNs but with half of the schooling.

As a healthcare professional, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find success in South Carolina. The Occupational Profile predicts that by 2026, 820 LPN jobs will open annually with both regular turnover and new job growth, so don’t hesitate.

Top LPN Schools in South Carolina

Trident Technical College

7000 Rivers Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 574-6111

Trident Technical College provides one of the best LPN programs in all of South Carolina. It offers many majors to ensure their graduates are ready for any job they pursue after graduation, and it teaches critical thinking skills so that every student can succeed outside Trident Tech.

York Technical College

452 S Anderson Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 327-8000

Located just a few minutes away from the bustling city of Rock-Hill, this two-year college has been going strong for over 50 years. With an open admission policy and more than 5,000 students in its annual intake, it is one of the top nursing schools in South Carolina and around America.

Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College

3250 St. Matthews Road
Orangeburg, SC 29118
(803) 536-0311

This two-year technical college is committed to nurturing and cultivating the unique qualities of each student. It does this through an engaging curriculum in a stimulating environment with inspired instructors at your side every step of the way.

Piedmont Technical College

620 North Emerald Road
Greenwood, SC 29648
(800) 868-5528

This two-year institution has a history of teaching quality skills for over 50 years. The college values practical knowledge and offers affordable rates on many programs to meet individual needs to provide the best options possible.

Aiken Technical College

2276 Jefferson Davis Highway
Graniteville, SC 29829
(803) 593-9231

Aiken Technical College is a public, open-door two-year college that helps people in the greater Aiken County area develop skills for their communities. Aiken is a good school for getting you up and running as an LPN whether it be full-time or part-time.

Midlands Technical College

316 South Beltline Boulevard
Columbia, SC 29205
(803) 738-8324

As an innovative, forward-thinking school with a strong emphasis on real world experience and hands-on training in diverse environments, MTC is redefining what it means to be technical. MTC is a great school for nursing students looking to become full-time LPNs or Registered Nurses.

Horry Georgetown Technical College

2050 Highway 501
East Conway, SC 29528-6066
(855) 544-4482

Horry Georgetown Technical College is the school where you can achieve your goals. It has many programs to offer, from certificates and diplomas to associate degrees that will pave the way to transferring into another institution with ease.

Tri-County Technical College

7900 Highway 76
Pendleton, SC 29670
(864) 646-8361

Pendleton’s Community College has a new vibe, and it is not one that you want to miss. Located in Pendleton, this college offers coursework programs for students of all levels from diplomas to certification courses. Aspiring to be among the best community colleges in the nation, it is taking huge leaps forward with how innovation impacts student success and providing support no other school can match.

Northeastern Technical College

1201 Chesterfield Highway
Cheraw, South Carolina 29520
(843) 921-6900

The Cheraw campus is not just a place for academic education, it’s also the perfect spot to explore other skills. With LPN courses on offer and affordability in mind, Northeastern Technical College offers you everything you need to find success as an LPN student.

Florence-Darlington Technical College

2715 West Lucas Street
Florence, SC 29502-0548
(843) 661-8324

Florence-Darlington Technical College fosters excellence by providing high-quality education, training, and services. It works to support its students so they also reach their full potential through innovation in the use of technology-based solutions.

Additional Resources

Explore the following resources for information on becoming an LPN in South Carolina:

South Carolina Board of Nursing

A new nurse is just one step closer to their professional goals with this list of resources. The Board of Nursing has compiled the most comprehensive list for nurses looking for info on state transfers, licenses, renewals, and more.

South Carolina Association of School Nurses

If you’re considering a career as an LPN who wants to work in schools, this site has everything you need.