Top LPN Programs in Georgia

Last Updated/Verified: September 15th, 2023

In Georgia, healthcare is a sector that is thriving.

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Because there is a rising demand for medical care, there is also a plethora of opportunities for people who want to work in nursing. For those who want to become a nurse in the shortest amount of time possible, the best choice is to study at one of the state’s nursing schools to become a Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN. LPNs typically have a set of educational requirements that include one year of school and clinical training before they’re prepared for their licensing exam. This is much shorter than the process to become a registered nurse (RN).

LPN Programs in Georgia

  • There are 28,299 LPNs currently working in the state of Georgia.
  • LPNs in Georgia earn an average of $25.08 per hour or $45,023 annually.
  • By the year 2025, the number of available jobs for LPNs is expected to increase by 30%.
  • 28% of all nurses in Georgia are LPNs.

Those who are trained to become a licensed practical nurse can find work all over the state, but there are several cities that have the most job opportunities for LPNs. Many of these cities are also ones where people can study to become an LPN.  The cities of Atlanta and Augusta will have the most prevalent number of potential educational institutions and job opportunities for an LPN.

Overview of LPN Schools in Georgia

There are 21 schools in Georgia in which students can train to become LPNs. These LPN programs offer some of the same core curriculum elements. If you attend an LPN program in Georgia, you can expect your training to cover the following topics:

  • Science and biology
  • Infection control techniques and methods
  • Applied nursing skills
  • Mental health care
  • Introduction to pharmacology
  • And more.

LPN Accreditation

In order to work In Georgia legally as an LPN, you must go to an accredited LPN program, then pass the licensing exam. LPN programs and schools receive accreditation from a national organization called the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. Aspiring LPNs should also consider studying at an LPN program accredited by the Georgia Board of Nursing.

LPN Admissions Requirements

LPN schools in Georgia are competitive. Getting into one, can help to learn the admission requirements. In order to apply for admission to a reputable practical nursing program in Georgia, here is what you need for admission. Keep in mind that each nursing education program has its own specific admissions requirements.

  • Be 17 years of age or older.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • CPR/first aid certification.
  • Current vaccine records.
  • Scores from standardized tests.
  • Completed admissions applications.
  • Interviews with advisors or faculty members.

LPN Tuition & Costs

The cost to attend an LPN program can vary across Georgia depending on what school you go to. Many programs charge aspiring LPNs based on each credit they take. At a school like Savannah Technical College, in-state students pay $100 per credit and out-of-state students pay $200 per credit. The school requires 57 credits to graduate, so the cost of tuition ranges from $5,700 to $11,400.

LPN Licensing Requirements in Georgia

If you want to get your LPN license in Georgia, you can typically accomplish this within two or three semesters. Once your schooling is complete, you have to pass the licensing exam: the NCLEX-PN. Your program, whether you’re a full-time day student or a night student, should have prepared you to pass the test. There is a process for obtaining your license from the Georgia State Board of Nursing, and the requirements for obtaining licensure are outlined below.

Checklist to become a Georgia LPN

  • Apply to and finish a Georgia LPN program.
  • Take the NCLEX exam.
  • Become first aid/CPR certified.
  • Apply to get your license from the Georgia Board of Nursing.
  • Pass the board’s background check.
  • Apply to LPN job openings at care facilities that provide the care you want to give.


The NCLEX-PN exam in Georgia is the exam LPN students must pass to obtain their LPN license. The test is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The test covers four main topics that evaluate aspiring LPNs on biology, science, and nursing care.

LPN Reciprocity

Georgia is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). Any person who has an LPN license in a state that is in the compact can legally practice as a nurse in any other member state. This means that if you are a working LPN in another state and move to Georgia, there is a chance that you will not need to get a new license to work as an LPN.

LPN Salaries in Georgia

Licensed practical nurses who work in Georgia earn an average of $45,193 per year or $20 per hour. This is a bit lower than the national average, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is $48,820 per year or $23.47 per hour.

Here are the average salaries of LPNs in Georgia’s major metropolitan areas:

  • Sandy Springs, GA: $21.89 per hour
  • Atlanta, GA: $21.85 per hour
  • Macon, GA: $21.26 per hour
  • Roswell, GA: $20.97 per hour
  • Snellville, GA: $20.93 per hour

LPNs’ salaries can vary based on what kind of nursing they do professionally. LPNs who work in more specialized positions, like in emergency rooms or surgery settings, can expect a higher salary than those LPNs who work in settings like care facilities or physicians’ offices.

Job Outlook for LPNs in Georgia

The healthcare industry is booming across the nation and it will continue to grow in Georgia. As baby boomers age, there will be an ever-increasing demand for nurses, including LPNs. Thus, the job outlook for LPNs in the state is solid.

Georgia LPNs can work full time as nurses, but they can also create schedules that are flexible enough to continue studying nursing or pursue an education. Some practical nurses in Georgia may also choose to specialize in their field, studying how to work in pediatrics, anesthesiology, or other more specific care facilities.

Those considering a career path as an LPN in Georgia will likely find a job. Job opportunities are increasing in the state and are expected to increase in years to come; in fact, there may be more jobs than candidates in future years, which can help guarantee long-term job security.

Top LPN Schools in Georgia

Georgia has more than 20 excellent programs for aspiring LPNs. These educational opportunities cover the basics of nursing. They also offer specialized training and clinical opportunities for people who want to work in specific fields. Here are the best LPN programs in the state of Georgia.

Southeastern Technical College

3001 E 1st St, Vidalia, GA 30474
(912) 538-3100

The Nursing Program at Southeastern Technical College is considered the best and most competitive in the state. The school offers multiple nursing programs, including their LPN program. They also offer nursing specialties, so this is a good choice of a program for a student who wants to specialize when they receive their nursing license.

Savannah Technical College

(912) 443-5700
5717 White Bluff Rd, Savannah, GA 31405

Savannah Technical College offers an outstanding program for people who want to receive their Practical Nursing Diploma. The courses focus on preparing students for the NC-PLEX and balance clinical and classroom experience. There are two campuses of Savannah Technical College that offer LPN programs, so students can choose the location most convenient for them.

Dalton State College

(706) 272-4436
650 College Dr, Dalton, GA 30720

Dalton State College’s nursing program is in-depth. Students can earn their LPN, or they can complete more education to become an RN. The program focuses on general education and nursing theory, and some of the clinical work requires students to travel to more rural areas of Georgia. Dalton State requires standardized test scores to get in, and it is considered one of the most competitive—but affordable—programs in the state.

Coastal Pines Technical College

(912) 287-6584
1701 Carswell Ave, Waycross, GA 31503

At Coastal Pines Technical College, students can prepare to get their LPN licenses in the practical nursing program for free. The school offers a HOPE Career Grant, which will cover the cost of a student’s education. One of the best parts about Coastal Pines’ LPN program, which covers all the necessary topics to pass the NC-PLEX-PN, is that it offers perhaps the most flexibility of any LPN program in Georgia. Students at Coastal Pines can earn their LPN by taking classes on days, nights, weekends, or even online.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College

(404) 297-9522
495 N Indian Creek Dr, Clarkston, GA 30021

Georgia Piedmont Technical College offers a program that focuses on preparing students to give competent nursing care whether that’s in an office setting or home care work. The coursework here happens both in the classroom and in clinical settings, and teachers work to help students integrate both theory and practice. Students who graduate with an LPN diploma and pass their licensing exam are immediately ready to work in a care facility, hospital, or physician’s office.

Southern Crescent Technical College

501 Varsity Rd, Griffin, GA 30223
 (770) 228-7348

The LPN Program at Southern Crescent Technical College is designed around preparing students to pass the NCLEX-PN. The program is 5 semesters long, and it offers participants both academic and occupational courses. Graduates of the program leave with the qualifications of an entry-level nurse.

Lanier Technical College

2535 Lanier Tech Dr, Gainesville, GA 30507
 (770) 533-7000

One thing that sets the LPN program at Lanier Technical College apart is that participants are also automatically admitted into the Healthcare Assistant Certificate program when they begin training as an LPN. All students have an Allied Health Care Core Advisor overseeing their educational experience. Students graduate with a practical nursing diploma and ready to pass the NCLEX-PN.

Ogeechee Technical College

1 Joe Kennedy Blvd, Statesboro, GA 30458
(912) 681-5500

The LPN program at Ogeechee Technical College prepares students to graduate ready to give competent nursing care. Students participate in academic and occupational courses and gain the knowledge and practical skills to be entry-level nurses. Graduates who pass the NCLEX-PN go on to work in places like hospitals, health departments, community agencies, physicians’ offices, and more.

Columbus Technical College

928 Manchester Expy, Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 649-1800

The LPN program at Columbus Technical College also offers a bridge option for LPN candidates to earn Associate Degrees in Nursing (ADN). The program focuses on creating competent, skilled, caring, educated professionals who can practice in a wide variety of settings.

Central Georgia Technical College

3300 Macon Tech Dr, Macon, GA 31206
 (478) 757-3400

Students can earn their practical nursing diplomas at Central Georgia Technical College’s LPN program. The program has academic and occupational courses and teaches a variety of techniques so that students are prepared to work in a wide variety of settings. Theory and practice are integrated under the watch of a clinical supervisor.

Additional Resources

Ultimately, becoming an LPN is a great way to launch into a career in the healthcare industry quickly, do a job that helps people, and work in a field that can guarantee long-term job security. If you are thinking about becoming an LPN or you already work as one and want to learn more about how to advance your career, you can learn more at the following links.