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Interviews with Worcester LPNs
Worcester LPN Stats:
Comfort Score Rank: #84 of 100
Benefit of RN Rank: #68 of 100
Avg. LPN Salary: $53,080
LPNs employed: 1,600

Top Cities in Massachusetts for LPNs: Boston, Springfield, Worcester

Worcester’s LPNs make up 18% of nurses in the city. The Worcester LPN comfort score is 13 and ranks in the bottom of the top 100 US cities. The RN comfort score in Worcester is a much higher at 43.

These scores indicate that it is a great benefit for a Worcester LPN to take the necessary steps to obtain an RN degree. It is estimated as the 68th best place to do this in the nation.

Checklist to become a Worcester LPN:

  1. Earn your LPN Degree, 1 year of courses and hands-on practice.
  2. Apply for licensure with the Massachusetts State Board of Nursing. Have your school send your transcript to them as well
  3. Obtain a CPR card and pass the NCLEX-PN exam


LPNs in Worcester
Worcester LPNs earn an average of $53,080 per year. The employment growth for the profession is estimated at 1.08% and will include hospital, home health, private practice and nursing home positions. Please contact the Massachusetts Board of Nursing at www.mass.gov/dpl/boards/rn/ with any questions concerning the city of Worcester and the nursing profession.

In Worcester, these schools offer nursing classes and nursing degrees.

Becker College
Box 15071- 61 Sever Street
Worcester, MA 01615-0071

Quinsigamond Community College
670 West Boylston Street
Worcester, MA 01606-2092

University of Massachusetts-Worcester
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655

Worcester State College
486 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA 01602-2597

A career as an LPN in this city can provide opportunities and security.

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