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Here at we’re trying to identify the best LPN program options for you. We haven’t found a go-to featured school in the Chicago metropolitan area yet. We attempted to contact Ambria School of Nursing but at first received no reply, then got in contact with another person – Mary Kranz – who was short and rude. Being short and not open-minded is not a good sign in the world of customer choice where the Zappos customer service model wins out. For now, we’d recommend you go with a competitor as there are many that have both higher graduation rates and LPN pass rates.  A review on AllNurses also points to a recommendation of BUYER BEWARE.

My biggest issue with this school was they were always changing things and giving you dates last minute. If you had a question in reguards to the program you had to ask a few different people to get an answer and it wasn’t always the right answer. I had to call off work multiple times because they would change dates and times. So I would say to enter at your own risk. This will be my last resort for a LPN-RN program

Former student
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We will list all recommended programs on the Illinois and individual regional pages on our site and be adding individual pages for each school like this one as we get any data and experience with them.



Chicago State University
9501 South King Drive, BHS 200A
Chicago, IL 60628-1598


Harry S. Truman College
1145 W. Wilson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640


City Colleges of Chicago Kennedy-King College
6800 South Wentworth Avenue
Chicago, IL 60621-3798


City Colleges of Chicago Malcolm X College
1900 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL 60612


Prairie State College
202 S. Halsted Street
Chicago Heights, IL 60411


Richard J. Daley College
7500 South Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60652


Saint Xavier University
3700 West 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60655


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